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Since the formation of Danger Sun Overhead in 2010, the Sun Safety initiative has provided education to over 43,000 workshop attendees in workplaces across Australia. Danger Sun Overhead’s services continue to be in high demand, delivering education workshops in all Australian states and territories.

Danger Sun Overhead objectives are to reduce the impact of Melanoma and all other skin cancers on all Australians. We do this through Awareness/Education, Prevention, Early detection, and Support of Melanoma and other skin cancers in high-risk outdoor industries, sporting bodies, and educational institutions across Australia.

Danger Sun Overhead, in particular, Jo Crotty, has been officially recognized through the awarding of significant commendations for the valuable work she undertakes to provide guidance to employers and industry leaders who seek to offer the best level of sun preventative care and working conditions to their workers.

To raise public awareness through education and advocacy of the benefits of early detection and prevention measures for all melanoma and other skin cancers in Australia. We aim to create sun safe initiatives to engage and educate, to aid in long-term sustainable behavioural change.

To be Australia’s leading skin cancer education and awareness provider.

My name is Joanne Crotty and I am a widow with 4 boys. My husband, Rohan Crotty, unfortunately, lost his battle with melanoma in July 2009 at the age of 43, leaving myself with 4 boys under the age of five. I want to share our story because most melanomas can be prevented if people have access to education and awareness about skin cancer.
My husband Rohan was constantly exposed to the sun as part of his work. After his first diagnosis in 2006, Rohan was an organizer with the CFMEU and recognized sun safety standards were not being addressed in the Outdoor industries. He became associated with the University of Queensland where (with UQ’s help) successfully brought the awareness to the hazards of sun exposure into the construction industry.

I am now continuing with this important work on Rohan’s behalf through the establishment of the Danger Sun Overhead program.

Strategic Priorities

The main priority is to secure sustainable funding from brand partners and funded programs. This would mean we can deliver the program free of cost. The only selling we need to do is to secure partnerships from corporates, then to convince the site to stop for our program.

a. Brand Partnerships – Lawyer, Accountant, Graphic Printers, QLeave, Apprenticeship Agencies, Superannuation Funds, Industry Funds, IT, Construction
Education Bodies
b. Funded Programs – Major Contractors, Builders, Organisations.
c. Network Partnerships – Unions, Associations, Outdoor Industry Organisations
d. Employer Associations – Master Builders Association, Australian Contractors Association, Housing Industry Association, Civil Contractors Federation
e. Government and Statutory Authorities – Department of Health, Prevention and Planning, Safework, Australian Building and Construction Commission, Comcare
f. Industry Schemes and Organisations – BERT (QLD, NT), CBUS, BIRST (SA), ACIRT (AUS), Incolink, National Safety Council of Australia
g. Not for profit sector – Melanoma Patients Australia, Mates in Construction
h. Major Builders and Clients – Major national builders, Governments and Developers
i. Corporate Partners Prevention Tools – Sundicators, My Sun Protection, Solbari, Coolez.

  • Our Board – Andrew Ramsay is stepping down, we won’t know who the new President is until after 27th February 2019.
  • Our Board – please ensure each Board member has a Bio – files attached in the email.
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The Board

Our Board is responsible for the strategic decision and policy-making activities of Danger Sun Overhead. They are committed to achieving the DSO strategic goals in our fight to reduce the impact of melanoma and all skin cancers on Australians, and to becoming Australia’s leading skin cancer education and awareness provider.

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“The DSO program continues to be in high demand delivering education workshops in all Australian states and territories…”