On-Site Full Workshop

45 Minutes – 1 Hour

  • Educate on the dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR).

  • Understand WHS Guidelines for the workplace and practical information to apply whilst working in or exposed to UVR.
  • Understand UVR levels, reflections of UVR and the national UV Index.
  • How does sunscreen really work?
  • Influence behavioural change using the ‘S Factors’ Prevention measures.
  • Educate the importance of early detection and Annual Skin Checks.
  • Understand Heat Stress.
  • Gain detailed knowledge about melanoma skin cancer and other skin cancers.
  • Execute an interactive Skin Cancer Risk Assessment that categorises attendee’s risks of developing skin cancers.
  • Provide information of support services available when dealing with skin cancer.

On-Site Toolbox Talk

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes

This service has been designed to allow organisation to address UV Exposure and Skin Cancer over a shorter period without a large disruption to their operations.

The 3 topics to choose from are:

  • UV Exposure and Workplace Health and Safety
  • Risks of Developing Skin Cancer
  • Prevention of Skin Cancers


  • Adapt toolbox workshop to address specific sun safety concerns to your organisation

Conference Speaking/Exhibitor Stands

Are your providing a Health and Well-being expo for your workplace, organisation, school or sporting group. Danger Sun Overhead can come speak with your organisation’s members through conference speaking or simply setting up an exhibitor stall. Danger Sun Overhead can also help you promote Sun Safety for your event. Inquire today to tailor your DSO needs for your event.

On-Site Sun Safety Compliance Officer

This program is available to any WH&S officer or Staff volunteer, once site has completed the Full DSO workshop. The program runs for ½ a day where participants will learn how to monitor and Measure Sun Safe Policies of:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Sun Safety Equipment

  • Prevention Management

  • Resources

Early Detection on Site Skin Checks

Danger Sun Overhead’s onsite full body skin checks are especially popular with our clients. This service has helped reduce time away from work for checks and early detection for less evasive surgeries for return to work.
Our onsite skin checks are especially successful after a full DSO workshop, as once attendees have learnt their own risk of developing skin cancer the attendees are eager to have their skin checked as well as helps triage the site for the onsite checks. This service has also helped attendees take ownership of their own skin outside the workplace, with regular skin checks, again resulting in less evasive surgeries and time away from work.

On-Site Apprentice Training

45 Minutes to 1 Hour

This service is available to any Trade Schools who provide training to School Base Apprentices and Trade Apprentices of High UV Exposure Industries.

Eg: Construction, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Landscaping, Concreting and Scaffolding to name a few.

The program goes further than what is written in the Unit CPCCOHS2001A and teaches all apprentices how to apply full control measures for Sun Safety and Heat Stress on site.

Our Merchandise programs are ideal.



“Following your presentation at our Lytton Road project yesterday, the response from the workers has been incredible. I’ve had grown men telling me how moved they were by your presentation, the question “where is the sun screen Neil” is nonstop, 8 have told me that they are booking an appointment, in general the majority are talking about skin cancer ….. well done to you”

– Neal Hogan, Fulton Hogan, Safety Advisor